Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poor Sailor by Sammy Harkham

Poor Sailor by Sammy Harkham, image from Amazon (customer upload).

Gangrene. Pirates. Storms.

Shoulda just stayed home, sailor.

Harkham's art for this book looks like a cross between Jason and Tony Millionaire (and I don't just say Tony Millionaire because of their common nautical theme).

Harkham of course is best known for editing Kramers Ergot, the anthology that been impressing everybody, it seems like. It certainly owned the 2007 BAC. This is his first book and, if I'm not mistaken, still his only book (it was released in 2005). If not an incredibly exciting work, it still bodes well. I'll be interested to read what else he produces in the future.

Go get 'em, Sammy!

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