Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young, Just Us

Today's official announcement of the long-rumored Young Justice animated series coming to Cartoon Network makes me happy for a number of reasons:
  • There's a good chance the show will be awesome. Yes, it looks different from the Young Justice I know and love. But so did Teen Titans and The Batman, and both proved to be great shows in their own rights. And yes, it's weird that they've turned Arrowette into a scary-looking militaristic chick named Artemis, and that there's a new Aqualad who is apparently black for PC reasons, but people also complained when it was announced that Justice League would have Hawkgirl but not Hawkman, and John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner as the team's Green Lantern, and both turned out to be perfect fits for the show.
  • I'm hoping that the show will encourage DC to finally get around to collecting Young Justice in trade paperback. I own all the issues, of course (it's one of the few series for which I've kept the floppies), but I hate digging comics out of a box to reread.
  • I assume that the show will result in a tie-in comic for kids and/or the resurrection of the title in the main DCU line. Either would make me happy. It would make me even happier if they managed to get Peter David and Todd Nauck back on the series. I think there's a good chance of the latter, as Nauck went on to illustrate the Teen Titans tie-in series after YJ ended, but I don't know about the former; I believe David left DC on negative terms after Fallen Angel a few years back, and I don't know how likely he is to come back, even to write Young Justice. But I can hope, can't I?


Th. said...


Whatever happened to Fallen Angel anyway?

B.G. Christensen said...

David took it to IDW, I believe, and they've been doing miniseries off-and-on since then. David says that #1 issues sell better, so he prefers this model over the ongoing series model.

B.G. Christensen said...

Correction: IDW did an ongoing that lasted about 33 issues, and then on follow-up miniseries. I know David has talked about moving to the recurring #1 model, though, so I suspect that if there is any more Fallen Angel to come, it will be in more miniseries.