Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Faith in Frankie (2004)

by Mike Carey, Sonny Liew, Marc Hempel
My Faith in Frankie.

This is from the same creative team that gave us Re-Gifters and I'm happy to say that this earlier effort is a much finer book. Not a great book, but a book that makes me glad they stuck together and hope they still are.

My Faith in Frankie is the tale of a girl and her god. She's his only worshipper and he's a doting deity. Like Re-Gifters, the art varies from more standard graphic-novel fare to a style more like the Sunday funnypages. I like both styles.

The audience for this Vertigo-not-Minx comic is, at least officially, older. Although I imagine fifteen-year-old girls will be perfectly okay with the added sex in this volume.

Clever bits (like the demons who intercept phone calls) are delightful and tired bits (like the polyandrous final solution) don't get in the way of enjoying the book.

In brief: god leaves home, finds a baby to worship him, makes baby's life great, she goes to college, blast from the past, god nearly killed, exciting conclusion. I wonder if the (otherwise welcome) comic tone keeps it from reaching the emotional zeniths that could have made it a Great Book. Hard to say.

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