Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Janes in Love

by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg
Janes in Love.

So the first book about the Janes was brilliant, IMHO. This one was good enough that I wish Minx had survived solely to publish a third, but decidedly less great than #1.

The problems:

a) Pheromones = lame. Total breaking of the rules of realism which I have cherished herein.

b) Waaay too much mopey internal dialogue.

c) Much of the book feels like a stall.

But having made those complaints, I still liked this book and I'm happy to own it. Most of the driving force which brought the first to life is diluted or missing from this book. Perhaps a longer breath between books would have worked well. But it hardly matters now....

I will say that the samples from other Minx books kill me. I'm horribly depressed DC axed this line so quickly. They poured a lot of effort and money into launching it then gave up on it when it didn't turn profitable quickly enough. I find that horribly depressing. They should have stuck it out. They had so many great or near-great or at-least-look-to-be-great books.

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