Monday, March 16, 2009

Who Watches The Sex Scene? If You Did, I Bet You Feel Ashamed of Yourself

Okay, I broke down and saw it. And... and...

Let's do the flaws in bullet points:

• Excessive violence was silly. Sawing through the guy's arms?
• Silk Spectre sucked. Suuuuuuucked. So damn awful. She may have been window dressing in the comic, but at least she was interesting window dressing.
• Her mom suuuuuucked too.
• There was a lot of dialogue tacked onto the straight comic dialogue that was truly awful. More examples as I think of them.


• Rorschach. Truly a transformation. Not coincidentally, he is about as much in love with violence as Zac Snyder, and he is the character who gets completely nailed.
• The opening credits and a lot of other moments where the alternate history plus superheroes made a really cool transition to screen.
• There were a few additions that actually worked. "Where's my FACE?" and the little addition to Rorschach's death.

But mostly...

When you strip away the metacommentary, the intertwining stories of the Black Freighter and the people on the street as a counter to the heroes, and even the depth of Silk Spectre's story as a repressed memory instead of a magic remembery... it's just not Watchmen.

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