Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yes, I have seen the Watchmen movie, thank you very much


And it was good. I thought the opening sequence was excellent. I thought it was a shame that all the nonsuperhero stories got axed, but that was expected. Except for the Mars dialogue, I thought the acting was pretty good. The casting was generally excellent. The hyperviolence was awful but served a point and the sex was, ah, pretty realistic. Allelujah.

And I know it's heretical to say it, but I think the ending of the movie may well have been better than the original.

You may now commence the hating.


Dave said...

I agree - blaming Dr. M was better than a giant alien squid thingy.

I went and saw it on Friday night and I thought it was fantastic. Could have done without some of the blood but other than that, amazing.

Also, i thought the soundtrack was just absolutley out of this world. Very humorious

Th. said...


Yeah, good use of soundtrack, wasn't it? Ben and I were wondering how many of the songs were originally referenced in the book, but either way, music is one advantage a movie has over a comic.